District Nurses

The Community Nursing Service is primarily a visiting service based at the Surgery. The District Nursing team provides skilled nursing assessment, care, advice and health education to patients who cannot leave their own homes. They work closely with the GPs and other professionals to ensure that you and your family receive the help and support needed when being nursed in the community.

Patients eligible to receive the nursing service in their own homes are those who:

  • Are unable to travel to surgery/hospital due to serious illness or disability
  • Are recovering from surgical intervention and are unable to travel
  • Need palliative nursing care
  • Have undergone chemotherapy/radiotherapy and travel would be detrimental to recovery
  • Need treatment which cannot be appropriately carried out in the surgery setting

Please inform a member of the team if you are not going to be at home when a visit has been arranged. It is also important to keep any pets under control when a member of the team is due to call.

Community Matron

What is a Community Matron?

We are qualified nurses who work closely with other health care
professionals to co-ordinate personalised care and services for people
with complex needs like diabetes, respiratory diseases and heart disease.

We aim to help you and your family manage your illness at home and
to keep you from being admitted to hospital but, if you are admitted, we  can co-ordinate support for you at home to allow you to leave hospital

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