Training Practice

We are a dedicated and established teaching practice and have been taking trainee GPs for over 30 years. We like to have a trainee in post throughout the year as we believe it improves the quality of care we deliver. Learning and teaching is a two way process and the trainees help to keep us all up to date. 

 GP Registrars / ST3 Doctors

Study medicine

They are in their 3rd year of a 3 year GP Speciality Training Programme.

Our Registrars are fully qualified Doctors, in specialist GP training post and have at least 4 years of hospital experience. Registrars are attached to our practice for 12 months and patients find their fresh, enthusiastic approach adds to the health care we provide. Registrars are seen very much as a part of the practice team and are accepted very well by staff and patients alike.

When booking an appointment you may be offered an appointment with our Registrar. We hope you will find this acceptable but there is no obligation to agree.

Part of the training and successful completion of their course involves videoing their consultations. These videos are only viewed by other Doctors and are then destroyed. You will always be informed in advance if a Doctor wishes to videotape a consultation and asked to give consent in writing. At the end of the consultation the Doctor will again ask if you are happy for the recording to be kept - if not it will be erased immediately.

From time-to-time our Registrars also do "joint surgeries" with one of the GP trainers. You will always be informed of this and can say if you want to see the Doctor alone.

 ST2 Doctors

These are Doctors in their 2nd year of a GP Speciality Training Programme and have at least 3 years hospital experience.

 ST1 Doctors

These are doctors who are in their 1st year of the 3 year GP Speciality Training Programme, and have at least 2 years of hospital experience. Their training is managed at our practice much like GP Registrars.

 F2 foundation year Doctors

These are doctors who have 1 hospital experience. They come to our practice for 4 months to learn the differences between General Practice and Hospital Specialities. They are not on GP training programmes but many of them eventually apply to do so.

 Medical Students

We also have medical students with us for periods of 2-3 weeks. These are from Southampton or some of the London medical schools. We feel it is important to let them see a wide range of general practice and hope that if you are asked you will be happy if a student is sitting in on your consultation. If, however, you prefer to see the doctor alone please mention this.

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